4 Ways to Tell Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Help

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Is your HVAC system trying to tell you something?

The best way to manage your facility’s HVAC unit is to become aware of the problem signs. Investing in preventative maintenance is one way to limit the number of system failures and prolong the life of your machines, but what other steps are you taking to ensure HVAC safety? Keep your eyes and ears open, and watch out for these five signs.

Odd Noises

Sometimes it’s best to trust your instincts. If you hear odd noises coming from the HVAC system it could be a sign that something is very wrong. Grinding noises may be an indicator that bearings on the air handle are failing. Failed bearing increase the resistance on the motor as it tries to rotate. This eventually leads to the system burning out. Squealing noises are also a possible indicator that the fan belt connecting the motor to the fan may be failing.

Uneven Air Flow

If one room in the building feels like a sauna and another mimics the environment of the polar ice caps, this may mean that your HVAC is cycling on and off too often. This issue can typically be resolved by standard adjustments and tune-ups.

Spike in Energy Bills

If you’re losing money on your utility bills, the answer may be your HVAC system. Aging, and standard wear and tear on the system decreases its effectiveness. This causes your system to use more energy than necessary. It costs you money and it leads to more serious HVAC issues down the road.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your system turns off and on throughout the day. This is caused by overheating which is dangerous for your building and for the life of your HVAC system.

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