How to know its time for Boiler Maintenance

A malfunctioning boiler can decrease your comfort, endanger your health, and increase monthly utility bills. Therefore, scheduling regular boiler maintenance will play a significant role in enhancing your system’s efficiency. Based on research, boilers are classified among the most dependable heating systems. This is because they have fewer moving parts, especially when compared to heat pumps and furnaces. This aspect enables boilers to have a long-life span because they accumulate less wear and tear. But there’s no guarantee that your unit will function appropriately without trouble, particularly in the long run.

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How to know its time for Boiler Maintenance

There are numerous signs that’ll tell you it’s time to schedule a boiler repair service. Below are the most common signs of a malfunctioning boiler.

1. Clogged Boiler Filters

From time to time, boiler filters may become clogged. Hard water is the main culprit for boiler blockage. If your boiler is blocked, it’s the ideal time to consider cleaning as the main maintenance practice. To lower the odds of clogged filters, building managers should replace boiler filters at least once per month. In addition, if your boiler filters are becoming dirtier than usual, consider hiring professionals to inspect your system.

2. Poor Boiler Energy Efficiency

There are hidden issues that might increase your monthly energy bills. A malfunctioning boiler will consume more energy, thus increasing your overall utility bills. Energy conservation is an essential aspect that helps building managers save money. A well-maintained boiler will use energy sparingly.

3. Boiler Heats Up Slow

Sometimes your boiler may take a long time to heat your home or building. It’s important to pay attention because there might be an issue that’s related to the belt or the fan motor. A boiler expert will diagnose your unit to determine the root cause of this problem.

4. Leaking Boiler

Gas leakage is a warning sign that your boiler needs emergency repair services. Therefore, if you detect gas leaks, turn off your boiler immediately. Gas leaks pose the risk of fire outbreaks. In addition, a carbon monoxide leak affects not only the functionality of your unit but also your health. Based on research, a common sign that there’s a carbon monoxide leak is a foul smell. Servicing your boiler will prevent the underlying problem from escalating.

5. Strange sounds

A well-maintain boiler should operate fairly quietly. If your unit makes strange sounds, then there’s a problem that requires abrupt maintenance. A whirring, banging, and clunking sounds indicate that the fan or pump is worn out. On the other side, gurgling and whistling sounds indicate that your boiler could be kittling, which occurs when debris and salt particles are trapped in the heat exchanger.

6. Operating Issues

There are times that your boiler might fail to heat your building evenly. You’ll find that some parts of your building are cold while others are warm. In this case, your boiler may be operating inefficiently. Therefore, you should schedule boiler maintenance. Boiler experts will identify and fix the operating issue appropriately.

Benefits of Boiler Maintenance

Boilers accumulate a lot of dust, especially during the summer. A malfunctioning boiler isn’t reliable. Therefore, you should consider professional boiler repair and maintenance. Below are the benefits of boiler maintenance:

Avoid Fires and Carbon monoxide

Boilers release carbon monoxide as a byproduct. Therefore, regular maintenance will reduce the risk of fire and carbon monoxide leaks.

Extend your Boiler’s Lifespan

A boiler is an expensive investment that requires proper care and maintenance. Taking enough care of your boiler will play a significant role in enhancing its lifespan.

Save Energy

A well-maintained boiler will function appropriately. A more efficient boiler will save energy, thus reducing your utility bills.

Comply with Local Safety Laws

Neglected boilers are prone to fire outbreaks and carbon monoxide leaks. This means that a poorly-kept unit can affect your health and property. There are local safety laws that ensure that boilers are functioning properly. Poorly-maintained boilers are dangerous; therefore, you should consider routine maintenance.

There are other signs that indicate it’s the high you repair your boiler. They include poor air circulation, the age of the unit, and lack of maintenance in the past. A well-maintained system will lower your utility costs in the long term.

It is important to have a company like Brothers Mechanical Services provide routine boiler maintenance for your commercial boiler to provide expert advice and oversight to keep your equipment functioning properly.

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