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A simple google search of “HVACR services” will yield multiple results of companies offering similar services to your area. However, Brothers Mechanical Services is the only mechanical solution provider with the knowledge necessary to meet your specific needs. Our ability to cater our services to you means that you’ll receive the absolute best maintenance plan for your money. We’ve assisted a variety of companies and government agencies in making significant reductions to their operational costs which allow our clients to be more profitable and competitive in their sector. The next time you need professional services, look to a company that’s putting your best interests first. Look to Brother Mechanical Services!


BMS is proud to offer services to the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. When your building is experiencing issues with the HVAC or Refrigeration systems, you can count on BMS to respond quickly and effectively. When you need a mechanical service or design-build project, look no further than Brothers Mechanical Services, a full-service solution provider for mechanical equipment and systems.

Learn About Our Philosophy

BMS was founded in Haymarket Virginia under the principle of providing the commercial HVAC industry with a higher level of support and service that clients won’t find anywhere else. We are committed to customer satisfaction, proven by our extensive list of loyal and happy clients. BMS is a SBA 8(a) & DOT DBE Certified Firm. Our technicians are among the best in the field and have the knowledge and skills required to perfect every job. We certify our technicians through the National Association of Power Engineers and the National Association of Technical Excellence. They’re certified through both EPA and OSHA standards.

Check Out The Services We Offer


Cooling Tower Preventative Maintenance Service

The evaporating cooling system in your building needs start-up and preventative maintenance services in order to maximize its operating life. A representative from BMS can provide the unique services necessary to reduce the potential for unplanned downtime due to equipment failure. This keeps your unit operating at peak efficiency.


These functions improve the quality of air and water in the locality of the installation. In regards to air, the most harmful atmospheric conditions are those with unusual quantities of industrial smoke, chemical fumes, salt or heavy dust. These airborne impurities are carried into the equipment and absorbed by the recirculating water to form a corrosive solution.


In regards to water, the most harmful conditions develop as water evaporates from the equipment, leaving the dissolved solids originally contained in the makeup water.


The Maintenance Procedures involved in cleaning your cooling tower include a visual inspection, a power wash, and a sump screen. Maintaining your cooling tower is critical when it comes to its operation. Every six months, your cooling tower should be cleaned and drained with the use of a power washer. Depending on where your building is located and what kind of services your organization provides, BMS may have to create creative solutions for specific maintenance procedures.


Chiller Maintenance Service

Performing all maintenance procedures and inspection at the recommended intervals will prolong the life of the chiller and minimize the possibility of malfunctions. A BMS operator can anticipate and prevent problem situations before they occur. Standard maintenance includes, chiller weekly maintenance, checks, monthly maintenance, annual maintenance, and oil level checks.


A comprehensive explanation is offered here on our website.


Boiler Preventative Maintenance Services

Save money and time while ensuring that your unit operates efficiently and safely with boiler preventative maintenance services. The safe operation of your boiler equipment depends on the regular testing and maintenance of your unit. While other companies can offer you similar services, only BMS can tailor our services to match your company’s unique needs.


We document all of the services performed on your unit in order to improve cash flow, assure a quick emergency response, and to save you money on costs that occur from unexpected boiler problems and even failure.


Check out our comprehensive list of boiler maintenance procedures that we offer on our website here.


Magnitude Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers

Magnitude magnetic centrifugal chillers are considered the largest energy consumers in regards to commercial buildings. Ensure that it’s operating at its highest efficiency rate with Brothers Mechanical Service!


Daikin Magnitude® magnetic bearing water cooled chillers, available from 100 to 1500 tons, are designed to create the ultimate in climate-controlled environments for offices, data centers, K-12 schools, colleges, hospitals and healthcare facilities. Magnitude is up to 40% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers, saving you money and saving the planet, too!


The Daikin magnetic bearing compressor was developed to improve performance, reliability and reduce service requirements as compared with conventional centrifugal compressor designs. Read more about magnetic bearing compressors on our website!


Commercial Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance Service Benefits

Maintaining the durability of your commercial refrigeration requires time, effort, passion, passion, and dedication. There are many companies that usually offer commercial refrigeration preventative maintenance services, but only BMS understands the quality of good work and customer service.


Read about how proper and regular commercial refrigeration preventative maintenance can save your business money and time on our website.

We’re a GSA Schedule Contract Holder

GSA Schedule Contracts, also known as GSA Schedules or Federal Supply Schedules, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity, long-term contracts under the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule Program. This means that we’re able to do work for all government agencies (unlike most of the competition).


SBA 8(a) Sole Source Benefits To Our Federal Government Clients

Simple Steps to Establish 8(a) Sole-Source Contracts with Brothers Mechanical Services®.

  1. The Government program manager or interested party develops a statement of work, prepares a government estimate, and obtains the necessary funding.
  2. The Government program manager or interested party chooses Brothers Mechanical Services to perform the work and submits a procurement request to your contracting officer.
  3. The agency contracting officer prepares and submits an “Offer Letter” to Brothers Mechanical Services® SBA Business Development Specialist.
  4. SBA processes the Offer Letter and returns it to the agency contracting officer who submits the Statement of Work and Request for Proposal or Quotation to Brothers Mechanical Services.
  5. Brothers Mechanical Services submits the proposal which is evaluated and negotiated (if necessary) by the contracting agency.
  6. The contract is awarded to Brothers Mechanical Services.

For Government and Commercial Services, Call Brothers Mechanical Services

Brothers Mechanical Services is a trusted Virginia company servicing commercial and government agencies. BMS offers one of the most comprehensive lines of mechanical services in the industry, and has been proudly serving the local area for over 15 years. When you want professional service, quality selection, and competitive prices, the professional technicians at Brothers Mechanical Services are standing by to serve your needs.


If your needs include new installation, our team of experts will comprehensively analyze your requirements and provide a detailed report on recommended solutions that fit your needs, and your budget.
We offer 24-hour emergency service. If you have a problem, give us a call at (703) 649.2977 and a trained professional will be there to assist you. For more information regarding our services and projects follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin! Contact us today!

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