Losing Energy in Your Commercial Building? Check These 3 Places

losing energy

Is your commercial building losing energy?

Energy losses in your building cost you money and cause premature machine damage. If you’re losing energy through heating and cooling don’t wait for the other shoe to drop. Rather, check these 3 areas of your commercial building to save yourself time and money.

HVAC System

The HVAC system is usually one of the biggest energy consumers within a facility and therefore has the potential to have problem areas where a lot of heat is being lost. First, take a look at the ductwork and registers. Even the highest rated HVAC system wastes energy without a well-sealed duct system. With infrared technology, you’ll be able to see the thermal pattern of air loss or gain in the ducting and also monitor registers to determine whether heating or cooling output is optimal. Second, check the electrical connections. A loose or corroded connection increases resistance at the connection, resulting in overheating.


Since boilers are the heart of steam and hot water systems, it’s important to ensure that they’re operating efficiently. Check for leakage of outside air, heat loss caused by damaged insulation, and impeded airflow caused by faulty fan motors. Double check the electrical connections as loose or corroded connections increase resistance.

Electrical System

As components degrade and resistance increases in the electrical system, incremental waste can occur. When checking your electrical system, first start with the distribution panels. Check for the unbalance in circuits and loose and corroded connections at breakers, contacts, fuse clips and busses. Monitor the lighting control circuits, checking all wiring and connections at fuses, switches, and fixtures.

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