What’s the Best Way to Locate Airflow Restrictions?

HVAC airflow restrictions

How do you check for airflow restrictions?

Airflow restrictions are a common problem in the HVAC world. Depending on the cause, they’re either easy to locate or more difficult detect. From dirty furnace filters to duct leakage, there are plenty of reasons why your building may be experiencing airflow restrictions. Here are a few ways that you can hunt them down.

Instruments and Accessories

Sure you can press your ear against the building and listen for the problems to present themselves, but perhaps we could take a step into the 21st century together. If you want to track down airflow restrictions efficiently, first purchase the necessary instruments and accessories. You’ll need a digital camera, a digital manometer, one length of tubing, and a carrying case.

Begin at the Air Handling Equipment

First, measure RESP and then add air filter pressure drop and indoor coil pressure drop to this reading which provides an overall picture of what’s wrong with the system. You’ll need to install ⅜-inch test ports where air enters and leaves the equipment. Once the test ports are installed, measure pressure entering and leaving the equipment and add these pressure together to determine TESP. If measured TESP exceeds the air-handling equipment’s maximum rated TESP, you most likely have an airflow issue.

Measure Indoor Coil Pressure Drop

The indoor coil may be too restrictive for the proper amount of airflow, which means that testing the pressure drop will allow for you to locate restrictions. A properly sized, clean coil should typically have a pressure drop no higher than 0.20 to 0.30 inch of water column. If the pressure drop exceeds this, you could have a problem.

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