Essential Commercial Air Handler Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

Maintaining optimal indoor air quality is a huge concern for any business. Essential to this effort is the proper upkeep of commercial air handlers, which serve as the lungs of your building’s HVAC system. In this comprehensive guide, we will look into vital cleaning tips and best practices to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your commercial air handlers, providing a healthier, more productive environment for your employees and clientele.

What is a Commercial Air Handler, and How Does it Work?

A commercial air handler is a critical component of a building’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. It is responsible for circulating and conditioning the air within a commercial space. This unit comprises a fan, coils, filters, and dampers, working in unison to regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality. Key information to note:

  • Commercial air handlers regulate indoor air quality and temperature.
  • They consist of fans, coils, filters, and dampers.
  • Air handlers help maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

The Importance of Air Handler Cleaning

Improving Air Quality

One of the primary reasons for cleaning your air handler is to improve indoor air quality. Over time, dust, dirt, and other contaminants accumulate in the system, leading to poor air quality. Regular cleaning ensures cleaner, healthier air for your building’s occupants.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

A clean air handler operates more efficiently. When the components are free from debris, they can function optimally, reducing energy consumption and lowering your utility bills.

Prolonging Equipment Lifespan

Proper maintenance, including regular cleaning, can extend the lifespan of your air handler. When your system operates smoothly, it experiences less wear and tear, ultimately saving you money on replacements.

Steps for Effective Air Handler Cleaning

Safety First

Before you start cleaning, ensure that the power to the unit is turned off. Safety goggles, gloves, and a mask are essential for personal protection.

Remove and Clean Filters

Clogged air filters impede the flow of air, diminishing the system’s effectiveness.

Clear the Drain Pan

Clogged drain pans can lead to water leakage and mold growth. Ensure that the drain pan is clean and free from obstructions.

Clean the Coils

The evaporator and condenser coils are critical components of the air handler. Clean them with a coil cleaner to remove dirt and grime that can affect heat exchange.

Inspect Belts and Motors

Check belts and motors for wear and tear. Replace them if necessary to prevent breakdowns and ensure smooth operation.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubricate all moving parts to reduce friction, noise, and energy consumption.

Check Electrical Connections

Examine electrical connections for signs of corrosion or damage. Weak connections may result in system malfunctions.

Inspect and Clean Air Ducts

Ductwork should be free from obstructions and contaminants. Regularly inspect and clean the ducts to maintain proper airflow.

Test the System

After cleaning and maintenance, test the air handler to ensure it’s running smoothly.

Regular air handler cleaning is vital for maintaining a healthy, energy-efficient HVAC system. By following these cleaning tips, you can improve indoor air quality, extend equipment lifespan, and reduce operational costs. Remember that safety is a priority when performing maintenance, and if you are unsure, it’s best to consult a professional.


How often should I clean my commercial air handler?

It is recommended to clean your air handler at least once a year, but high-traffic environments may require more frequent cleaning.

Can I clean the air handler myself, or should I hire a professional?

While some maintenance tasks can be done by building owners or maintenance staff, it’s advisable to have a professional HVAC technician perform a thorough cleaning to ensure no critical components are overlooked.

What are the signs that my air handler needs cleaning?

Common signs include reduced airflow, increased energy bills, strange odors, and visible dirt or mold in the system.

Is cleaning the air handler the same as replacing the filters?

No, cleaning the air handler involves a more comprehensive process that includes cleaning components beyond just the filters.

Are there any eco-friendly cleaning options for air handlers?

Yes, there are environmentally friendly cleaning solutions available that are safe for both your HVAC system and the environment. Make sure to inquire with your HVAC professional about these options.

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