Commercial Air Handler Unit

Indoor Air Quality

Aero air-handling units (AHUs) offer highly efficient filtration options including HEPA filters, available on the Aero 39M series. These units also have cleanable panels that can be easily wiped or washed down as well as fully drainable sloped drain pans. For added cleanliness, the inner-panel liners of the Aero 39M units are available with Agion antimicrobial-coated steel. This technology uses the controlled release of silver ions to provide continuous suppression of microbial growth on the interior surface of the AHU. The Aero 39M panels rest against ultra-tight seals and Carrier’s patented no through-metal thermal break feature means no metal-to-metal conduction path, which reduces the likelihood of condensate forming on the outside of the unit. Leak Tight Construction What better way to save energy than to keep conditioned air inside the unit where it belongs? The Aero 39M casing has a proven one percent at 8 in. wg. leak rate which is backed up by random end of line testing. The structural frame and panel design is the reason for this low leak rate. It is also the same reason why it achieves a deflection ratio of less than 1:200 at +/- 8 in. wg. over the length of the unit.

Quiet Operation

The Aero 39M unit’s patented-sealed double-wall insulation system not only provides superior thermal performance, it yields the added benefit of outstanding acoustics. For sound-sensitive applications, plenum fans are available. Aero AHU’s extra-quiet operation can enhance the comfort of your building’s occupants and the overall quality of their indoor environment.

Flexible Features

Aero AHUs offer fan options for virtually any air-handling requirement. We help configure your choice for the pressures and efficiencies that will yield the best performance for your particular application. Carrier/s AHU Builder software can plot a variable air volume (VAV) system curve based on the minimum airflow and static pressure set point. Fan types include forward curve airfoil and plenum fans, for quiet operation and installation flexibility. Most fan types are available in multiple-wheel sizes.


The Aero 39M AHU’s construction system combines complex technology with clean, elegant design. A unique structural frame carries the unit’s weight, enabling easy and safe removal of panels for servicing. The laminated steel-panel construction handles high-pressure applications easily, while delivering superb deflection performance. Optional prepainted, both inside and out, galvanized panels are available to protect the unit and prevent the formation of unsightly white rust.

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