Commercial Refrigeration

BMS’s Commercial refrigeration units have many uses in various markets and industries. They are mainly used in the food industry or other perishable items. They are specially designed to keep food items cold and slow down the oxidation process and reducing bacteria growth and risk of food poisoning. BMS not only provides you with standard reach-in refrigerators and freezers, but also more specialized and highly advanced units used for specific applications.

Commercial refrigerators are essential to keep food items fresh and maintaining specific temperatures to prevent perishable items from decomposing. BMS provides our clients with many styles and sizes as well as special units. Commercial refrigeration and freezing units are much more powerful than the domestic units. The units provided by Brothers Mechanical Services are of top quality and have some unparalleled features that make them suitable for many commercial uses. Some of these features and specifications are mentioned below:

Condensing Unit Features

  • Internally Enhanced Tube
  • Narrow width condenser design to suit shipment in containers.
  • THERMOSPAN coil design feature eliminates tube failure on tube sheets.
  • Enhanced Copper Tube, (3/8 O.D. on 1-6 Fan, 1/2 O.D. on 8-14 Fan)
  • Aluminum Fin Condenser Coils
  • Standard 850 RPM quiet low-speed dual voltage (230/460) fan motors with male electrical plug, moisture slinger, and rainshield for complete weather protection.
  • Swept wing fan for quiet operation and optimal efficiency
  • Rugged heavy-gauge galvanized steel rail motor mounts / support.
  • All fan sections individually baffled with full height partitions and clean-out panels.
  • Complete selection of electrical fan cycling and speed control options.
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet construction assembled with zinc plated huck bolts supported on heavy-duty legs.
  • 2-Fan wide units have two equal circuits
  • Terminal block
  • Single entering electrical service
  • Control circuit voltage – 230 V
  • Control circuit transformer where applicable

High Profile Evaporators Features

  • Heavy gauge textured aluminum cabinet with galvanized steel hangers, support channels and end plates
  • Hinged access panels with removable hinge pins and captive fasteners.
  • Hinged drain pan with removable hinge pins
  • Rugged heavy-gauge galvanized steel rail motor mount / support
  • Stackable design
  • Adjustable defrost termination thermostat
  • Heater safety thermostat
  • Fixed fan delay thermostat (all low-temperature models)
  • Adjustable fan delay thermostat (all medium temperature models)
  • Heater clamping eliminates potential heater creepage
  • Schrader fitting and external equalizer line
  • Factory installed solenoid valve wire harness
  • Unit shipped upright for convenient handling and quick installation.

Indoor/Outdoor Air Cooled Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit Features

  • Total system flexibility using multiple compressor models and applications on a common chassis.
  • Up to four fan section cabinet choices of either Hermetic, Scroll or Semi-Hermetic multiple compressors, with maximum three compressors per fan section.
  • Small Cabinet: Compressor sizes available ranging from 1/2 through 6 HP to a maximum total of 6 HP per Fan section and 24 HP per unit. (Based on 95F design Ambient)
  • Medium Cabinet: Compressor sizes available ranging from 1/2 through 8-10* HP to a maximum total of 8 HP per fan section and 40* HP per unit. (Based on 95F design Ambient)
  • Semi-hermetic use suction and discharge vibration eliminators and spring mounts.
  • High efficiency enhanced tube and fin on both indoor or outdoor condenser design using high efficiency PSC fan motors
  • Outdoor unit uses weather-resistant housing with hinged hood, weatherproof electrical panel and fixed head pressure flooding valve
  • Each compressor includes main power fuse block, contactor, fixed high and low pressure control oil pressure control (where applicable) and fused control circuit
  • Compressor circuit breaker (per compressor)
  • Single Point Main electrical panel with non- fused disconnect. (Single-point dependant on evaporator voltage) * Depends on application and compressor type.

Commercial refrigeration service and repair

Brothers Mechanical Service has a team specialized in commercial refrigeration, ice machines and freezer maintenance and repair for more than 15 years. We believe in providing the best services at the most-affordable prices.

We have employed various new methods based on green refrigeration. Our units and regular maintenance and upgrades ensure lower emissions and fewer energy consumptions. We love our environment and take steps to save it.

Our professional team at BMS strives to provide the best services to our clients. This commitment to customer care has lead us to winning the trust of many companies. We provide various services regarding commercial refrigeration some of them are mentioned below.

    • Freon leak detection
    • Freon leak repair
    • Thermostat replacement
    • Check temperature
    • Compressor repair / replacement
    • Condenser repair / replacement
    • Retrofit refrigerant
    • Refrigerant recovery / disposal
    • Refrigerant leak check
    • Refrigerant leak repair
    • Evaporator coil repair
    • Evaporator fan repair
    • Condenser fan repair
    • Evaporator coil replacement
    • Diagnose / replace TXV valve
    • Thermostatic expansion valve repair / replacement
    • Nitrogen leak check service
    • Pressure control repair/ replacement
    • Head pressure control replacement
    • Defrosting frozen coils in coolers & freezers
    • Adjustment & replacement of defrost timer clocks
    • Service / repair of defrost heaters
    • Service of frozen / plugged drain lines in coolers & freezers
    • Acid clean ice machines
    • Fan motor service / replacement
    • Condenser coil cleaning
    • Condenser coil degreasing
    • Refrigeration maintenance
    • Refrigeration repair
    • Commercial refrigeration repair
    • Walk in cooler service / repair
    • Walk in freezer service / repair
    • Reach in cooler service / repair
    • Reach in freezer service / repair
    • Beverage chiller system service / repair
    • Commercial / industrial chiller service / repair
    • Ice rink service / repair
    • Ice machine service / repair
    • Ice machine maintenance
    • Ice box service / repair
    • Commercial ice machine maintenance
    • Ice machine water pump replacement
    • Ice machine parts
    • Ice machine water valve
    • Ice machine water curtain
    • Ice machine dump valve
    • Ice bin service / repair
    • Ice dispenser service / repair

Refrigerated warehouse service & repair

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