Liebert Precision Cooling System

Up to 70% more energy efficient than alternative technologies

The Liebert DSE high efficiency DX precision cooling system from Emerson Network Power combines the industry’s highest efficiency operation up to 70% more efficient than alternative technologies with the reliability and local expertise associated with Liebert products.

Hassle-Free Economization eliminates the use of water and the costs of water treatment protects against outside air contamination and reduces services by eliminating air dampers and louvers.

Advanced Liebert iCOM thermal system controls optimize the operation of each component to maximize free-cooling hours, minimize energy consumption, provide diagnostics and integrate to data center management systems.

This thermal management solution is scalable, ensuring that the data center receives the right amount of cooling year-round, and also accommodating future growth and changing data center loads.


  • Highest efficiency data center precision cooling system
  • PUE as low as 1.05
  • High capacity models from 80-150kW
  • First ever pumped refrigerant economizer – includes auto mode switching
  • Next generation Liebert iCOM controls


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Achieves industry’s highest efficiency, exceeding ASHRAE standard by up to 53% while in compressor mode Operates with mechanical PUE as low as 1.05 in EconoPhase economizer mode Innovative design is more efficient than chilled water systems with economizer operation Matches IT load and optimizes energy consumption at partial loads Liebert EconoPhase pumped refrigerant economizer provides optimized free-cooling operation, without water consumption cost or outdoor air contamination concerns

Higher Availability

Higher capacity refrigerant-based systems, with models providing 80-150kW of cooling Redundant design of critical internal components improves reliability Instant changeover to economizer mode, even for short time periods


Advanced Liebert iCOM controls provide balanced, intelligent operation and reporting Constantly monitors load, room and outdoor conditions to adjust system operation to most efficient operating mode Seamless, automatic changeover between DX mode and economizer mode

Ideally Suited For

Data centers suffering from increased heat density and high cooling power consumption IT Managers who want to reduce cooling costs and power usage Organizations interested in installing fewer high capacity cooling systems, vs. more lower capacity systems IT infrastructures with room for improvement in under floor air distribution.

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