Signs of Big Boiler Room Issues

A domestic household boiler room with a new modern heating oil warm water system and pipes

Are you taking care of your facility’s boiler room?

Your facility’s boiler room is full of combustion equipment that needs to be monitored consistently. Maintaining the boiler room in a safe and effective way creates a more stable environment for your employees and the inhabitants of your building. Be on the lookout for these important signs that your boiler room is unsafe.

Your Boiler Room is Poorly Lit

It isn’t uncommon for boiler rooms to be kept in the darkest areas of the poorest lit rooms in the basement. If your employees are stumbling down the steps in order to perform maintenance, chances are that the maintenance isn’t being completed efficiently.

Your Boiler Room is Being Used as a Storage Space

We get it, sometimes space is cramped in smaller buildings. But when your boiler room is used to store other objects, equipment can become hard to reach. Boilers and their supporting machinery, controls, piping, and valves need to be checked and maintained regularly. If other materials are blocking the equipment, this may lead to problems that could have been easily avoided by cleaning the space.

You’re Noticing Strange Sounds, Smells, & Tastes

You should always be on the lookout for any changes that may occur in your building, and the first step is to simply be alert. A banging noise, the smell of oil, or tasting smoke in the air could all be signs that something isn’t right.

Parts Have Been Discarded

If you’ve recently had work done to your boiler room, only to find parts discarded on the floor and the room a mess, it may be a sign of negligent repairs. You should call us immediately. Not only will we verify if the job was done correctly, but we’ll examine your machinery thoroughly. We’ll even clean up after ourselves!

For Boiler Room Services, Call Brothers Mechanical Services

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